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Travel Insurance Tips for Civil Uprisings

Civil and political unrest is not usually covered under standard travel insurance.

For those traveling to Egypt, I am sorry this news is coming so late. A political uprising is not something you expect to encounter on your tip; however, what’s even more unexpected is when you find out your travel insurance may be useless in this situation. Below are some options for travel insurance and civil unrest.

If you find yourself or trip on a collision course with a political uprising, the first thing to do is check your policy. Some will cover your expenses if your travels are setback because of civil disorder. Though, keep in mind, while most policies do not include cancellation and/or interruption coverage for political unrest, there are a few exceptions.

Travel columnist Carol Pucci, of the Seattle Times, points out that travelers who want additional coverage have a couple of options, including “Cancel for Any Reason” insurance policies, which provide coverage for civil disorder at a higher price. For those who want, insurance for political unrests, which would generally be a “Cancel for Any Reason” policy they can expect to add 50 percent or more to the cost of their trip. And even then, they are generally only reimbursed up to 50-75 percent of their prepaid travel costs. That’s pretty steep, when you consider that stand travel insurance normally only adds 4 to 8 percent to the cost of the trip.

A better option for travelers looking for civil disorder coverage may be the American Express Global Travel Shield classic plan. “It’s coverage, broader than most companies offer, is something to consider for trips to other destinations,” Pucci explains, noting that coverage relating to Egypt’s protest is no longer offered, because the company views the country’s unrest as a “foreseeable event.”

Have your travels ever been cut short or canceled due to a political uprising? If so, or if you have any tips for travel insurance or navigating civil disorders, we’d love to hear your tales in the comments below.

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